Light & The Landscape

A Landscape Photography Course about the Magic of Light (Downers Grove, IL)

For: Intermediate & Advanced Photographers
Requirements: DSLR Camera & Tripod    (View Course Requirements)
Prerequisites: At a minimumn, experience in photo composition and confidence with camera.
Note: Learn how to use light to make colorful and shapely landscape images that will make you drool.

Light & The Landscape: A nature photography class in Downers Grove by Mike MacDonald Photography You will begin to truly "see the light" after taking this hands-on landscape photography workshop.

Learn how to see the light from internationally published landscape photographer Mike MacDonald. This in-field hands-on photography class addresses three variations of light that are used to photograph the landscape: diffuse, soft sunlight, and glancing light. The latter is the most exciting when the sun is just above the horizon, causing a dramatic combination of highlight and shadow to make subjects explode off the page. Light and shadows become subjects unto themselves, guiding the composition and the eye. The photo to the right shows how glancing sunlit subjects are lifted off the screen, creating a 3-dimensional effect through the careful use of light and shadow.  (Gift Cards for this class are available.)

A comprehensive handout of the PowerPoint lecture will be provided.

Light & The Landscape
Location:  Downers Grove, IL
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The initial session begins at Mike's home and studio in Downers Grove, Illinois (a Chicago suburb). You will receive a presentation that will teach you the various concepts. You will receive a comprensive handout of the PowerPoint presentation.

After the lecture, we will then head out to a local natural area to capture the late afternoon light and to practice the ideas that you learned. You will be guided as you take pictures using these new principles. This field session will last until about 30 to 45 minutes after the sun has set.

To make for a more complete learning experience, there will be a follow-up classroom session on a separate date which is designed to give you a chance to show off your newest work and to provide you with valuable feedback and ideas.

The class will be limited to a small number of participants so you can get the attention you require. The cutoff will be 6 students, so please register quickly to insure a spot.

Workshop Price: $125     Deposit: 100%

If you have further questions about Mike MacDonald workshops just email or phone 630-852-8448.

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