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Nature Photography Techniques & Tips

by Mike MacDonald

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Feel free to read and learn about the art and techniques of nature and wildlife photography. Simply click on a photo below to read a particular article.

Nationally published writer and nature photographer Mike MacDonald simplifies and resolves some of the most elusive topics in photography. From the technical to the creative, Mike addresses such questions as: Why don't my pictures look as beautiful as it was when I was there? How come my snow scenes look gray? How can I make landscape pictures like the ones that I see in calendars and magazines?

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"Frozen Images"

How to Photograph Ice
Discover the magical world of ice.
"The Final Word on Snow Exposure"

How to Photograph Snow
From gentle flurries that fall from the sky to endless fields of white, snow is the essence of winter's magic.

"Photographing Wildlife Near Your Home"

Photographing Wildlife Near Your Home
Using a blind to experience nature can be wonderful
for your photography and for your soul.
"A Sense of Depth"

How to Make 3-D Images
Create images that pop off the page.

"Capturing the Moment"

How to Capture the Moment and create an enduring image
Have you ever taken a picture that didn't represent your experience?
This article provides a solution.
"Photographing the Experience"

Photographing the Experience
Create images that go beyond the visual
and into the realm of your experiences.

"My Experiences in the Wilds of... Chicago?"

Photographing Wildlife Near Your Home
Miracles of nature abound, around this toddlin' town.

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