Customized Immersive Chicago Nature Exhibit

An Inspirational & Educational Exhibit Fit to Your Space

Known for his groundbreaking book about Chicagoland’s startling natural wonders, entitled “My Journey into the Wilds of Chicago,” Mike MacDonald is a photographer and storyteller who ignites a love for nature by blending immersive, hyper-realistic photographs with imaginative and enlightening prose. Now he brings his book to life in an awe-inspiring immersive exhibit that’s a loving tribute to the sacred beauty and biodiversity of the region. The news that nature is right outside your door is his gift to Chicago.

Mike’s vision is to introduce Chicago-area residents to the natural wonders of the Chicago region. After all, within fifty miles from downtown Chicago, there’s protected natural area than most national parks and more native plant species than any national park. Every day from April through September, you can find a national-park quality wildflower show happening right down the road from home, work, or school. Unfortunately, most Chicagoan are unaware. And because you can’t love and support something that doesn’t exist, Mike has made it his mission to play “nature matchmaker”—to introduce Chicagoans to that beautiful nature next door and to spark thousands and thousands of love affairs.

The exhibit represents a virtual journey into the wilds of Chicago, and Mike is your travel guide. Along the way, he stuns you with soaring images and fascinates you with lush and amazing stories of his adventures in the wild. The images grab your attention, but it’s the imaginative storytelling that provides meaning, context, and understanding to deepen your connection to nature and to inspire his fellow travelers to begin nature journeys of their own.

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Visit the current exhibit at Chicago’s Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum running April 1 through August 30.