Personalized Cards Design Specs

If wish to provide Camera Ready Art instead of using our Custom MS Word Templates to easily lay out your card and envelope, please follow the following guidelines:


Art Cards are 5″ x 7″ when folded and 10″ x 7″ when opened flat. For vertically oriented images, the fold will be vertical. For horizontal images, the fold will be horizontally oriented. Therefore, you must orient your text properly to conform to the image on the front of the card.

On each side of the score, there is 5″ x 7″ of space, of which, 4.0″ x 6.0″ is the printable area. You must allow a 0.50″ margin all the way around the perimeter of the card and 0.50″ margin on each side of the score. We cannot print at the very edges of the card or over the score.


The dimensions of our A7 envelopes are 5.25″ tall by 7.25″ wide. The top flap is rectangular with dimensions, 2.5″ tall by 7.25″ wide, of which, 2.00″ x 6.25″ is printable space. Along the top and sides, you must allow a 0.50-inch margin where nothing is printed. We cannot print at the very edges of the piece.


All text and logos should be a minimum of 300 dpi at the size you want it printed. For instance, if you want the logo to be 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall, then your logo must be at least 600 x 300 pixels (assuming 300 dpi). We suggest that you print out your logo on your laser printer to see how it will look before submitting your design to us. Doing this will reveal quality issues that will not be visible on your monitor.

For one-color jobs, please convert your logo into grayscale.


We accept PDF or EPS files and don’t forget to include the fonts if applicable.

If you have questions about designing your personalized card, please email us or phone 630-852-8448.