The Majesty of Chicago Nature: Spreading the Good Word

Public Speaking Programs on Chicago's Natural Wonders

The Chicago region rivals the fifty-nine U.S. national parks in splendor and natural wonder. In fact, within just fifty miles of downtown Chicago, there is more protected natural area than thirty-five of the parks, and it is home to more native plant species than any national park. Yes, more biodiversity than ANY national park! With so much nature around us, this means that every single day between mid-April and mid-September, there’s a national-park quality blooming event happening somewhere down the road from home, work, or school. Yet most Chicagoans are unaware. And how can people protect our natural areas if they don’t understand their value, let along know of their existence? This presentation is about how to better communicate and market the value of nature to our neighbors. Mike talks about framing Chicago’s natural wonders in terms of the revered U.S. national parks and how to use his free website, ChicagoNatureNOW! to spread the good word.

The Chicago Region is home to more native plant species than ANY U.S. national park, yet Chicagoans are unaware.—Mike MacDonald

The show lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes. After the show, Mike is happy to entertain questions from the audience.

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