A Game of Inches, A World of Possibilities

Public Speaking Program on Photographic Composition

Photographic composition is a game of inches: Take a picture from one position and you get a boring image. Rotate or nudge the camera just a little and, suddenly, you have an exciting photo. But how do you know where to place the camera? That is what this class will teach you.

This enlightening presentation will help you experience the world through your lens in completely new way, changing your photography forever.

In this fun, insightful, and inspiring photography composition program, Mike MacDonald combines the basic rules of composition with his own unique rules and techniques that he uses to create his internationally published photographs. Learn Mike’s secrets for creating more poignant, dynamic, and emotional images simply by changing your perspective—both physically and the way you think.
Much more than a list of rules, Mike addresses the ideas of human perception that lie behind the rules, including groundbreaking insights for how to put your feelings on film, your emotions on emulsion, your senses on your sensor.

This photography composition lesson is appropriate for photographers of any experience level or age.

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