Embrace The Challenge – Chicago Landscape Photography

Wiildflowers seem to float above the prairie like musical notes in a symphony of color and texture at Spears Woods.

Landscape photography of Chicago can be as powerful as any location in the world.

If you live in the Chicago area, you don’t need to travel to exotic lands to find dramatic scenes for great landscape photography. In fact, they’re right in your own backyard: in local wetlands, woodlands, savannas, fens, and the ever-changing prairie.

In this rewarding presentation, internationally recognized prairie photographer, Mike MacDonald, shares his secrets for creating breathtaking landscape photographs of Chicago’s wondrous habitats.

Mike once posed this question to himself, “How can I make photographs of the flat prairie feel as dramatic, powerful, and three-dimensional as pictures of the mountainous West?” Over several years, he focused his energy and creativity on answering this very question. One of the many rewards of solving the prairie puzzle was to become Chicago Wilderness Magazine’s most prominently published photographer.

This landscape photography program is loosely based on his article in Outdoor Photographer Magazine entitled “Land and Sky.”

This inspiring show features magnificent imagery from a passionate speaker, professional comedian, and master landscape photographer. As Mike puts it, “It’s not a presentation. It’s a performance!”

This landscape photography lesson is appropriate for photographers of any experience level or age.

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