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Since 1987, Mike MacDonald has been entertaining and performing comedy. He has appeared on such national television shows as “Donahue” and “CBS Morning Program.” Mike has also been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, including People Magazine. The Wall Street Journal wrote about Mike’s “CBS Morning Program” performance:

It was absolutely side-splitting humor … It was all I could do to keep from rolling around on the floor.

Nowadays, Mike is an internationally published nature photographer and nationally acclaimed writer, known for his powerful landscape images of the Illinois prairie and his book My Journey into the Wilds Chicago. As an energetic and passionate speaker, Mike now uses his humor to celebrate Chicago’s nature and the art of photography.

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My Journey into the Wilds of Chicago

Discover Chicago’s remarkable natural wonders in this loving presentation that inspired the book.

My Love Affair with Chicago Nature in Photography, Poetry, and Prose

Become transported into the glory of natural world and begin a love affair of your own.

The Majesty of Chicago Nature: Spreading The Good Word

Mike shares his ideas about how to use ChicagoNatureNOW! to market and connect Chicagoans to nature.

A Game of Inches, A World of Possibilities

Mike shares his photography composition secrets.

Embrace the Challenge: Photographing Chicago’s Natural Landscape

Learn how to make dramatic landscape images of Chicago nature.